2010 Professional Programs 

2010 Date  

Professional Program 

January 23 - 27  

Germany: US Foreign Policy & US-European Security Issues 

February 13-18 

United Kingdom: US Security and Defense Policymaking Process 

February 13-18 

Pakistan: The US Foreign Policymaking Process and the Role of the Media 

February 14-18 

Regional Project for South America: Promoting Micro-Entrepreneurship 

February 20-23 

Austria: Legal Aspects of Criminal Investigation 

March 6-11 

Multi-Regional Project: State & Local Government in the US 

March 16-20 

Regional Project for North Africa & the Middle East: Role of Media in US Foreign Policy 

March 18-23 


Azerbaijan: Student Newspapers & Media in the US 


March 24-28 

Iraq: Women As Political Leaders 


March 31-April 4 


Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere: Teaching English as a Second Language 

April 10-13 


Morocco: Print Journalism in the US 


April 11-14 


Iraq: US Foreign Policy for Journalists 


April 14-16 

Austria: Media Best Practices in the US 

April 13-17 

Regional Project for North Africa & the Middle East: US Foreign Policy 


April 28-May 1 


Brazil: Alternative Energy – Bio-fuels Program 


May 29-June 1 

Germany: Counterterrorism & Combating International Crime 


May 29-June 7 

Regional Project for the Middle East: Healthcare Management 


May 30-June 3 


India: Journalism in the US 


June 1-5 


Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere: Renewable Energy  


June 14-17 

Regional Project for the Western Hemisphere: Investigative Journalism in the US 

June 19 -24 

Morocco & Tunisia: Broadcast Journalism 

June 22-26 

China: Journalistic Practices in the US 

June 20 – July 3 

Canada: A National Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons 

July 9 – 14 

Indonesia: New Media Journalism 

July 11-14 

Bahrain: Tourism Development 

July 20-24 

Regional Project for North Africa & the Middle East: Tourism Development 

July 27-31 

Regional Project for Africa: Broadcast Journalism in the US  

July 31 – August 4 

Anti-Smuggling Cooperation: A Peace Partners Initiative 

August 8 -11  

Lebanon: US Foreign Policy and the Role of the Media 

August 19 – 25 

Russia: Print Media in the US 

August 28 – September 1 

France: US Foreign & Security Policy 

August 29-September 1 

United Kingdom: US Defense & Security Policy 

September 2-8 

Kazakhstan: Business Association Development 

September 16-21 

Lebanon: Young Political Leaders 

September 18-22 

Thailand: The American Media 

October 3-6 

Lebanon: Business Management & Entrepreneurship 

October 9-12 

Western Hemisphere: Journalism in the US 

October 12-16 

Western Hemisphere: The American Language & US Culture 

October 19-23 

Israel & the Palestinian Territories: Media & Civil Society 

October 28 – November 2 

Regional Project for Africa: The Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists 

November 2-6 

Near East Affairs: US Federal, State & Local Government 

November 3-6 

Foreign Service Institute: Training Program for Senior Foreign Service Nationals (25 countries) 

November 10-13 

China: New Media 

November 13-17 

Middle East/North Africa: Economic Journalism 

November 14-17 

Palestinian Authority: Transnational Crime & Narcotics Interdiction 

November 30-December 2 

Western Hemisphere: Civil Society 2.0 

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