“IVLP Gold Stars Tour: Alumni Connecting the World”  


From February 23-26, 2011, The International Council hosted the first-ever “IVLP Gold Stars Tour”, which brought 18 distinguished IVLP alumni from around the world on a return visit to the US - and who ended their US tour in Tampa Bay! 


The Office of International Visitors  created a special project called the “IVLP Gold Stars’ Tour: Alumni Connecting the World,” to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ongoing partnership between the Department of State and the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV). This 2-week multi-regional project will bring 18 IVLP alumni from around the world to Washington, D.C., just prior to the NCIV National Meeting.



After a week in Washington D.C., the alumni travelled individually to 18 different CIVs from their original visit program itineraries. This Gold Stars’ Tour will allow participants an opportunity to speak with CIV boards, staff, volunteers and resources about the very real impact of the program on their work and lives in their own countries, and to re-connect with key organizations and interlocutors who were inspirational and/or instrumental in their accomplishments. 




IVLP "Gold Star" Visit by Dr. Elvis Ahmedi


The International Council was honored that Dr. Elvis Ahmedi – who visited the Tampa Bay Region in 2008 with the first “combined” IVLP groups of breast cancer awareness delegations from around the world – was selected as one of the 18 alumni who will return to the US. Elvis will return to Tampa Bay the week of February 20 to renew his professional and personal relationships. While here, Dr. Ahmedi was made "Honorary Member of the Faculty" of the Moffitt Cancer Center, and visited St. Anthony's Hospital Susan G. MacGillicuddy Breast Center, and All Children's Hospital Pediatric Oncology Center. 



Photo montage courtesy of Dr. Elvis Ahmedi


Following his original program, The International Council partnered with Moffitt Cancer Center in a project with Dr. Ahmedi and his colleagues in Pristina, Kosovo that has dramatically changed the way cancer medicine is practiced in this Balkan nation. This project is ongoing, led by Dr. Elvis Ahmedi, who was here in 2008 (see “Special Projects”). Please click on the link below to view Elvis’ two-minute “testimonial” about his unforgettable original trip to the US, and the impact the International Council had on his work:





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"When you open your homes, when you open your communities, when you open your hearts to visitors from around the world, you give your guests a chance to see America at our best..."


Colin Powell,
Former US Secretary of State