Professional Program Topics


Throughout its 10-year history, The International Council has brought more than 2,000 official visitors to the Tampa Bay Region, introducing them to the area’s broad array of professional resources, including, among others, the following topics and programs:


Accountability in Government and Business
• Administration of Justice
• Agriculture & Agribusiness
• Alternative Energy Development/Energy Security
• Alternative Energy Policy Development
• Arts and Culture in Economic Development
• Border Security
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• Clean Energy and Alternative Fuel Solutions
• Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists
• Emergency Preparedness & Management
• Energy Policy and Security in the Western Hemisphere
• Environmental Stewardship
• Health Care and Geriatric Care
• Higher Education
• High-Technology Industries
• Homeland Security
• Human Trafficking
• I-Vote & US Elections
• International Crime and Border Control
• International Trade & Logistics
• Law Enforcement
• Leadership Development for Women in Business
• Local Governance
• Managing Urban Social Change
• Marine Sciences
• Media/Journalism
• Micro-Credit
• Multi-Modal Transportation
• National Security
• Planning for Crises and Pandemics
• Port & Maritime Security
• Professional and Collegiate Sports Management
• Public Administration
• Public Health
• Role of the Judiciary in a Free Society
• Role of the Media in a Free Society
• Rule of Law and Administration of Justice
• State & Local Government
• Student Leaders and Civic Responsibility
• The Democratic Process
• Tourism & Hospitality Management
• TV and Radio Broadcast Journalism
• Water Management
• Women as Political and Social Leaders
• Young Business and Economic Leaders
• Youth Leadership
• Youth Sports



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"When you open your homes, when you open your communities, when you open your hearts to visitors from around the world, you give your guests a chance to see America at our best..."


Colin Powell,
Former US Secretary of State