The United States Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program 

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 The International Council’s “Cornerstone” Program 

For nearly 70 years, the International Visitor Leadership Program has been recognized as the “crown jewel” of United States public diplomacy; its 92 nationwide councils were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. At present, one-fourth of the United Nations member states have an IVLP alumnus as head of state or government. American ambassadors call the IVLP “the most important foreign policy tool the US has at its disposal.”

The International Council of the Tampa Bay Region, the US Department of State official partner for programming current and emerging global leaders under the Department’s “International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)” in the Tampa Bay Region. 


The International Council matches hundreds of official international visitors, including policy officials, influential media leaders, education, business and non-governmental organization professionals with their counterparts in the Tampa Bay Region.  


The International Council Brings the World to Your Doorstep 

The US government brings in thousands upon thousands of emerging leaders from around the world every year, to learn about America and our cultural, educational and business resources. They know that today's "emerging leaders" are tomorrow's top leaders in every field of endeavor. 

Among the thousands of official visitors brought to the US under the IVLP since its inception, more than 200 current and former Heads of State and 1,500 Cabinet-level ministers, and business and opinion leaders in their fields of endeavor have seen first-hand how we in the United States live, work and play.

What Is An IVLP "Program"?

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"Did You Know...?"

 It begins with respect, ties, and friendships...

“As you know, foreign visitors often come to this country with misunderstandings of misconceptions.  Thanks to the programs and services you offer, they return home with understanding, respect, professional ties, and friendships.   

  ”Equally important, the thousands of Americans who open their offices and homes to these foreign leaders…gain a better understanding of the complex political, social, and economic world in which we live.  Thus, through your involvement in international exchange, you are transcending national boundaries by promoting understanding of common problems and shared goals.” 

President Ronald Reagan

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"When you open your homes, when you open your communities, when you open your hearts to visitors from around the world, you give your guests a chance to see America at our best..."


Colin Powell,
Former US Secretary of State