The International Council Internship Program

The benefits of developing an Internship Program have been many-fold - for our interns, for the International Council, and for our community. Our interns have given us extra hands to help grow the organization, to develop and maintain management information systems, and to work directly with our international visitors.

International Council interns at dinner with IVLP visitors. 

Since we created this initiative in the summer of 2008, our “International Council Internship Program” has grown by leaps and bounds. Involvement with the ICTBR is helping a number of young people in the Tampa Bay community find their path forward in international business, finance and policy, not to mention creating for them an incredible professional network around the world.  

Kyle Stang (far right) with I-Vote visiting delegation in November 2008.


2012 Interns

Jonathon Ellington
USF St. Petersburg, Political Science, 2012; Student Leader

Michelle Morenza
USF St. Petersburg, Political Science, 2014

Thomas W. Ewin, Jr.
USF St. Petersburg, Economics & Anthropology, 2013; Student Leader

Christopher Bufford
USF St. Petersburg, Political Science, 2012; US Army veteran

Allison Brown
USF St. Petersburg, Political Science, 2012

Intern Alumni

Kyle Stang (Mountbatten Internship/Franklin Templeton)

Petar Dimitrijevic (2011 UF Hough School MAIB)

Anabell Iglesias (Fulbright Scholar/Kimberly-Clark)

Ina Sofroni (2011 USF grad)

Ashley Owens Pastorius (2010 USF grad)

Mark Feinman (USF Master of Fine Arts Candidate)

Mark Cohen (USF, International Relations, 2011)

Chrystina Langan (St. Petersburg College, International Business)


2012 Intern Class with T.J. Ewin, Allison Brown, Michelle Morenza and Chris Bufford, with Executive Director Mary Ellen Upton.

Each of them will tell you that their career paths have been influenced by their internships with the International Council.

Jonathon Ellington, Class of 2012 at USF St. Petersburg, is a campus community leader, and International Council intern.

Typically, candidates selected for the International Council Internship Program undertake the following activities:

Research & Program Support: Work on researching community resources, agenda development, contact information, etc.  

MIS Updates: Prepare updates of existing MIS databases using Excel and existing templates. 

Project Histories: Summaries of programs for inclusion on the ICTBR website. 

IVLP Program Assistance: Program assistance and interaction with IVLP visitors. 

Database Management: Creation of the International Council project management system. 

Social Network: Assistance in maintaining the International Council social network presence. 

Web Communications: Research and beta-trials of appropriate software for International Council web communications platform.  

1.    At the International Council dinner honoring Jazz Ambassador Dick Hyman.



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"When you open your homes, when you open your communities, when you open your hearts to visitors from around the world, you give your guests a chance to see America at our best..."


Colin Powell,
Former US Secretary of State